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Add a multi-unit listing to a city not found on our site and it's free for a year. Add it to a new country and it's FREE FOREVER.
Entering is easy, just email us your full name, mailing address and phone number. For more information see our full contest details.

The Apartment Network is an affordable way to advertise apartment listings to prospective renters. With a low cost and worldwide circulation, our services generate some of the highest possible returns for your marketing dollar.

For more information on the services we provide read on, email us or call us at 902 827-3887.
Apartment Network Promotion
Print versus Internet
Print ads generally only provide the name, location and price of a property. For a single day, 3 line advertisement in your local newspaper, you could instead offer potential renters a lengthy page of descriptive content and photography of your property for an entire month.
For just $19.95/mth based on a one-year contract or $49.95/mth for a month-to-month listing, you'll provide renters with all the information they'll need to appreciate what your property has to offer.
How do you measure value?
For quality of information, ease of updating and the amount of circulation worldwide that you recieve there's really no beating our service.
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What is provided with each listing:
A selection of 7 full color photographs that you can update at any time
Your direct contact information including email address, phone and property civic address
Location maps and driving directions through a Mapquest link.
A suggested 200 word apartment summary description
Rental rates, square footage and vacancy information for each unit type
Floor plan download option
Amenity listing
All of the above content is displayed in a user-friendly format that can be updated anytime by you. So if you ever want to change content, photography or simply update your vacancy information you can do so in minutes.

To add a property you must first create an account and then once created you can add as many properties as you would like. Register Now!
Special Offers
For a limited time we are offering FREE promotions for new listing areas not yet represented on our site. To qualify for this offer your listings must be a multi-unit building with 6 or more apartments in each building and located in a city not yet represented on our site. Listings created in new cities are free for up to one year.

If the listing is located in a province or state not yet represented on our site the listing is FREE for 5 years. If the listing is in a new country not yet represented on our site it's FREE FOREVER!

For more information on this special offer please don't hesitate to contact us.
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