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Add a multi-unit listing to a city not found on our site and it's free for a year. Add it to a new country and it's FREE FOREVER.
Entering is easy, just email us your full name, mailing address and phone number. For more information see our full contest details.

Carpool and save the world
We are tremendously excited about our upcoming Carpools listing as it provides so many great opportunities to decrease polution, save costs on vehicle maintenance, save time, especially if you take the bus, and finally of course, the HUGE savings on fuel costs.

How will it work?
Users will be able to create a carpool listing to describe their travel route and times of arrival and departure. Once published to the site, other users will be able to browse the carpool listings or search on a particular set of criteria that match their travel requirements. Users without vehicles will also be able to create carpool wanted listings if they don't see a listing that matches their requirements. In either case when a match is found users would simply contact each using the contact information supplied on their listing.

You can look forward to the Carpool section of our site in the fall of 2005.
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