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Add a multi-unit listing to a city not found on our site and it's free for a year. Add it to a new country and it's FREE FOREVER.
Entering is easy, just email us your full name, mailing address and phone number. For more information see our full contest details.

Our current contest is closed, but another will soon be under way.
Congratulations to Kathleen Escanan of Vancouver, British Columbia. She is the first winner of our very first iPod contest. For the record, Kathleen opted for a new 4GB Apple iPod Nano.

The Apartment Network contests make using our site just a little more fun. If the contests prove to be successful we’ll no doubt be providing more of them and more often with bigger and better prizes, so please check back often and encourage everyone you know to enter.
Frequently Asked Questions
Does it cost anything to enter a contest?
No, there is no purchase necessary to enter any of our contests.
Do I have to be looking for an apartment to enter a contest?
No, we offer these contests as a marketing component of our site and encourage anyone to enter in order to get as many people as possible interested in our content. Although you may not be looking for an apartment you may know someone that is and we hope that you tell them about us.
What happens if I win?
If you are the contest winner we will notify you and make arrangements with you for the delivery of your prize. The winning entrant will have the prize hand delivered to them by us or if outside of Nova Scotia, we will have ithe prize couriered to you.
Why do you need our phone number and mailing address?
We require your phone number and mailing address in order to verify your entry and as well to see where our contest entrants are from. Knowing the location of entrants allows us to determine the market penetration of each viral pass around which in turn allows us to better target our marketing campaigns. Also if you win the contest we need to know where to send your prize :)
What do you do with our information once the contest has ended?
All entrant information is kept securely with us and is not sold or shared. When we offer a new contest we will email you to encourage you to enter the new contest. We will however only email those that have previously entered. People whose emails that we’re forwarded to us but who themselves have not entered will not be used again later.
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