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Add a multi-unit listing to a city not found on our site and it's free for a year. Add it to a new country and it's FREE FOREVER.
Entering is easy, just email us your full name, mailing address and phone number. For more information see our full contest details.

Roommates, can't live with 'em and can't afford to live without 'em.
The roommate wanted section is now currently being developed and will be ready by the fall of 2005. This service will be FREE to all users both looking for an apartment as well as those with an apartment who are of course looking for a roommate.
People looking for roommates
For people looking for a roommate you will be able to upload a description of your apartment along with two pictures showing the exterior or interior amenities. If ever you need to make a change to your listing you will be provided password-protected access to your listing to make updates at anytime. Once your vacancy has been filled you simply just need to delete the listing and it will be removed from the site.
Roommates looking for apartments
For people who are looking for an apartment to share we will be providing a similar listing service that allows you to describe yourself as well as the type of apartment you're interested in. You will be provided password-protected access to your listing in order to make modifications at anytime or delete it completely.
Coming for the fall of 2005
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